Watercolor tutorial 2

This is a tutorial to show how to color an image using watercolors. The images are rather large, please be patient while they load.
The images were taken using a digital camera, so the quality is not so good. ^^;;
They are rather yellowy too, due to my table light...

The paper I use is Daler-Rowney's Langton paper. it's 14 x 10 in and weighted at 300g/m2. The paint i use is Lefranc & Bourgeois and some Daler-Rowney watercolors.

To start, i make a pencil drawing on the paper. it has to be clean already, with no sketch marks. (see the image below) I then start with the background, putting in the colors. I have a light wash of base color, in this case pink and purple, before adding in the darker lines and petals.

Then i start on the creature. Again, a light wash of color and then adding in more colors for the shading.

The initial wash of color will determine the overall color scheme of the painting.

In this case, i used alot of purple, pinks and greys.

Below is a close up of the creature's head (sorry for the blurry image..) with some details added in.

The wing details are added... plus some fur details.

Next, the base colors for the girl is painted in. A bit of shadow is included with the base colors.

Shadows for the girl is then painted in, plus more details all round.

Finally, this is the scanned image. I went over the picture again with a pencil, adding in more shading and stronger outlines, as the initial lines are washed away by the watercolors. Color is adjusted slightly in photoshop (the original is not so yellowy)
Image is complete.